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About Luna Financial Coaching

Over 20 years as an independent financial planner I have had many hours of conversations about money; the security it can provide, the opportunities and experiences it can facilitate or the joy of helping others. I have also had many conversations about the worry money can cause – not just the lack of it, but also the responsibility, the guilt, the shame, the fear or the confusion.

There are times in our lives when money is brought into sharp focus, moving in cycles – like the phases of the moon. Divorce, bereavement, redundancy, career or family change can bring times of abundance and times of scarcity, times when the responsibility is all ours and times when we feel out of control.

By bringing curiosity and awareness to your money beliefs, I can empower you to make changes you wish to see in your money narratives, and ultimately help you find your financial peace, whatever that feels like for you.

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Money Narratives

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How will it work?

The practical information about financial coaching.

Financial Peace

What even is that?

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