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Financial Peace

What even is that?

Financial peace will mean something different to all of us. It might come with having no debt – mortgage paid off and nothing owing. Maybe it would be having £1m in investments – a milestone worked towards and reached. Simply just knowing your income is enough to cover the family expenses and you can sleep soundly at night.

Neither one is right, or indeed, wrong. What is ‘enough’ for one person simply would not be for another. And what even is enough?

For many, achieving financial peace will cover not only their own goals and ambitions but perhaps also their children’s, and even wider society. Finding financial peace for some will happen when they have enough money for their own needs AND enough to help others who are less fortunate or more in need.

Kristen sat in the garden reading a book

My Peace

For me personally, having lived with poverty and a lot of fear around debt and lack of money, my peace is very much about feeling secure now and for the future. I plan a lot, as you might imagine for a financial planner, and I take comfort in making budgets, savings pots and overpaying the mortgage.

O, and my garden. Always at peace in my garden.

Everyone is different

And that is what is so fabulous about financial coaching. There is no predefined idea of what financial peace is so I won’t be forcing you to think something you don’t truly believe. You can’t get it wrong. Financial peace is something you will experience for yourself.

I am simply here to help you find it.