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Money Narratives

What stories do you tell yourself about money?

Catherine Morgan says that your Money Narrative is “the story your brain believes” In fact, we all have different narratives, or stories, that we tell ourselves about money and our relationship to it, which impact decisions and actions we take.

You have to work hard

How many times growing up are we told “you have to work hard” if you want {insert item here}? That is all well and good, until you have a well paid career which may not necessarily fit your preconception of what working hard is.


You are one of three children. You were all told growing up that you have to work hard for your money. Your sister is a firefighter and your brother is a nurse. I think we can all agree they work hard for their income. But you. You were always a computer nerd. You developed a software company and earn 5 times what your sister earns and let’s not compare your income to your brother.

What do you feel? How do you behave?

Do you feel guilty? Why should you earn so much more than your siblings when you feel that you don’t work as “hard” as they do?

Do you always pay when you gather for a family meal? Do you talk down your Caribbean holiday so as not to sound boastful? Are your gifts at Christmas always over the top – because you want to give your wealth to others so you don’t have to “feel bad” for having it?

That is a Money Narrative.

The financial coaching training I have undertaken includes Catherine Morgan’s Money Narrative Clearing System which is the process of exploring your current money narratives, understanding without judgement how they have supported and served you but also how they may have presented you with challenges.

Using kind and thoughtful exploration into your beliefs, we can redefine the meanings that have attached to these beliefs, before we thank them and let them go. Attachments are formed from our emotions and our experiences but often don’t serve us, creating feelings of guilt, shame, frustration or just not letting us live the life we want.