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Welcome to Luna

I hope you have taken time to look around the site to help you get to know me, Kristen, and what Luna Financial Coaching is all about.

I am one of those people who is always amazed by the moon – are you? I can be heard on full moon’s gazing up at the night sky ‘ah look at the moon’. My husband bought me a telescope for Christmas 2020 such is my love of the night sky.

I am fascinated too by moon cycles and take notice of her different phases; and I am struck, like many people, by how our emotions ebb and flow like the tides, back and forth.

Money can be a bit like that. So can life really. Waxing and waning between happy and sad, uplifting and a struggle, abundance and scarcity.

It is for this reason Luna Financial Coaching exists, to help you make sense of the ever changing cycles of life.

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