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What is financial coaching and how will I benefit??

What is financial coaching?

It would be understandable if you thought it was about spring cleaning your finances and helping you build a plan, maybe a budget. Perhaps you think it will even show you where and how to save money on your mortgage, your bills or your spending habits.

You might be interested to know that it isn’t those things.

Financial coaching is actually something much more in depth than that, and can tap into all kinds of beliefs and narratives that have formed around what you believe about money, wealth and so, so much more.

Have you ever thought ‘why do I do that?’

Kristen looking to the ceiling with a thiking impression

Most of us have at some point in our lives.

Now, have you ever spent money and felt guilty? Do you ALWAYS pay when you go out for dinner with friends or family? Do you ever buy something you know you can’t afford but somehow you think you HAVE to, even if that means you use to debt to get it? And have you then thought ‘why do I do that?’.

There’s a reason you do that and you can, with help, discover that reason. And change. Do different.

Have you experienced a huge alteration in your life?

It might have been traumatic like the loss of your life partner; a devastating (or maybe not) divorce; did you get made redundant right at the point you didn’t want life to be different?; have your children finally stopped drawing on your finances and now you get to plan for the future, but you actually don’t know what that looks like for you?

All of those different life phases come with a lot of emotions, a lot of feelings and a lot of beliefs – that ultimately drive the decisions we make.

My approach to financial coaching is to explore those feelings and help you find your financial peace – whatever that looks like for YOU.

Together we can change habits and money narratives which no longer serve YOU as you are now, and find your solutions which will move you forward. Financially and emotionally.

So much of what we do in life is affected by our relationship with money but so often, when it comes to ‘why do I do that?’, it really isn’t about the money.